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COVID-19 is an extremely contagious disease that can lead to severe illness and death.

According to the CDC, senior citizens and those with underlying medical conditions are especially vulnerable.

The CDC also states that the risk of getting severely ill from COVID-19 when vaccinated is very low. Breakthrough infections can happen, but represent less than 1% of cases. Vaccinated individuals can still transmit COVID-19 to those who are unvaccinated.

If you choose to attend Omni Fandom Expo while unvaccinated, you voluntarily assume all risks therein.

In accordance to recent announcements made by the CDC, ALL ATTENDEES of Omni Fandom Expo will be REQUIRED to wear face coverings while in the convention space, regardless of Vaccination status. This includes ALL rooms and common areas.

There is still a raffle for vaccinated attendees, so be sure to show your Vaccination Cards at Registration when you pick up your tickets!

Hand sanitizer will be available at Registration, Panel Room 1, and the Cosplay Repair Station. Main Events and Panel Room 1 will be sanizited between events to the best of our ability.

We recommend bringing your own hand saniziter for personal use throughout the event.

Do I HAVE to wear a face covering even if I'm vaccinated?
Yes. Due to the outbreak of the Delta variant of COVID-19, Omni Fandom Expo Staff have come to the decision to require ALL ATTENDEES to wear face coverings. If you would like to remove your face covering, we request that you leave the convention center space.

The only exception this rule will be Masquerade Costume Contest Contestants - they will be allowed to remove their face covering while on stage for presentation only.

Some events in Main Events may allow for removal if attendees are properly socially distanced. If this is allowed, attendees will be directed by Staff. Please keep face coverings on unless you are told otherwise.

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