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Hours of Operation
Hours of Operation
Friday 9am - Saturday 2am
Saturday 9am - Sunday 2am
Sunday 9am - Sunday 6pm
Registration Hours
Thursday 7pm - Thursday 9pm
(pre-registration tickets only)
Friday 9am - Friday 7pm
Saturday 9am - Saturday 7pm
Sunday 9am - Sunday 3pm
Exhibit Hall Hours
VIP Passholders Only: Friday 1p - Friday 1:30pm
General Admission: Friday 1:30pm - Friday 8pm
VIP Passholders Only: Saturday 10am - Saturday 10:30am
General Admission: Saturday 10:30am -


VIP Passholders Only: Sunday 10am - Sunday 10:30am
General Admission: Sunday 10:30am - Sunday 5pm
Studio OMNI Hours

General Admission: Friday 9am - Saturday 2am
General Admission: Saturday 9am - Sunday 2am
General Admission: Sunday 9am - Sunday 5pm

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