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Derek Stephen Prince
Voice Actor:  (Uryu Ishida - Bleach, Guts - Kill la Kill, Shino - Naurto, Digimon Emperor - Digimon)

Derek Stephen Prince (aka Steve) has been in the voiceover industry for 21 years. You may know him from some of his many roles in the Digimon Series (most notably - The Digimon Emperor, Veemon, Impmon, Beelzamon and Piedmon to name a few), Uryu Ishida from Bleach, Guts from Kill la Kill, Keitaro Urashima from Love, Hina, Shino Aburame from Naruto, Marylcian in Aldnoah Zero, a MULTITUDE of female parts in Lucky Star, Vexen from the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise, as well as many others. You can see the full list on Just type in his full name in the search box. You can also like his fan page at where he updates and announces projects he's currently working on there.

Steve is so excited to be a part of Omni Fandom 2018 and promises that you guys WILL have an awesome time. He can't wait to see all of you!!!!

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Paul St. Peter
Voice Actor:  (Xemnas - Kingdom Hearts, Nine Tail Fox - Naruto, Wormmon - Digimon)

Paul St. Peter, twice nominated for BTVA awards, is a voice actor from Los Angeles whose many anime’ and video game credits include KINGDOM HEARTS (Xemnas), NARUTO (Nine Tail Fox), ONE PUNCH MAN (Beast King), ROBOTECH (Zor Prime), BLEACH (Yammy), WORLD OF WARCRAFT (Boden The Imposing), DYNASTY WARRIORS I-IV (Yuan Shao), DIGIMON (KOKOMON), ZETMAN (Sugito), MAJIN (Majin), and RESIDENT EVIL 5 (Swahili Zombie). Paul has comical voices too, from COWBOY BEBOP (Punch) to DIGIMON WARRIORS (Wormmon). Among his other game, anime, and feature anime credits are GURREN LAGAAN (Jorgun), THE COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (Mondego), MONSTER (Dr. Reichwein), PAPRIKA (Konakawa), LUPIN III The Secret of Mamo (Mamo), DURARARA (Higa), X-COM (Dr. Heinrich), BATTLE B-DAMON (Armada), DIABLO III (Demented Spirit), and DEFIANCE (Burgess). He has recently wrapped work on MONSTER STRIKE (Death Panda), DRAKENGARD 3 (Michael the Dragon), JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURES (Dire/Jack The Ripper/Wamuu), NARUTO 7: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 (Kurama), THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS (Armor Giant), AJIN (Hirasawa), HEARTHSTONE (Igneous Giant), KILLER (Colonel Derick), and GODEATER II (various roles), and HAPPILY M ARRIED (Saturo), a Japanese serial.

A versatile performer, Paul also sang for four seasons with the San Diego Opera Company, three seasons with The San Diego Civic Light Opera, and appeared in several productions at the Old Globe Theatre. In Los Angeles, Paul has acted on the stage at The Globe Playhouse, Richard Basehart Theatre, Palos Verdes Shakespeare on the Meadow, and has “gone on the road” with Nevada Shakespeare in the Park for eleven seasons.

As an instructor, he has taught speech, accents, dialects, phonetics, vocal production, and Shakespeare at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, California State University Los Angeles, San Diego State University, Los Angeles Broadcasting School, The Windward School, and is a speech and acting coach for Native Voices at The Autry, a Native American theatre company, and The Rogue Artists, a hyper-Theatre Company.

Paul’s TV appearances include work on NCIS, LAST MAN STANDING, RINGER, TIM AND ERIC’S AWESOME SHOW, JESSIE, LEGIT (FX) and the hilarious KEY AND PEELE (Comedy Central).

(Photography Credit - Neil Reinhold)

Autograph Pricing:

  • $5 per autograph on products (games, posters, DVD’s, videos, etc)
  • $8 per personally autographed photo
  • $10 per voicemail recorded in character
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Masumi Senpai
Cosplay Guest:  (Cosplay Guest - Sponsored by Caliquo Industries, LLC.)

Masumi Senpai is a hardcore cosplayer, lolita, and grad student based out of Orlando. She has been cosplaying since before the turn of the millennium and sewing since her early teen years. Her current focus is on becoming a better costumer and loves the smallest of details when it comes to her costuming. Because of this love for detail it has led her to devote much time to learning everything possible such as molding, beading, armor, wig styling and dying, the use of multiple types of fabrics, props, air brush makeup effects and body paint, and creating patterns. Masumi Senpai does a wide range of panels from cosplay, to dealing with invisible illnesses, lolita, and LGBTQ panels.

Rob Sims
Cosplay Guest:  (Professional Marty McFly Impersonater / Voice Actor - Sponsored by Coulombe Enterprises LLC.)

Rob Sims is a Orlando based actor. He has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years. His specialty is voice impersonations his favorite is doing Marty Mcfly. As a young actor Rob has always look onto Micheal J Fox as his inspiration from Alex P. Keaton, Teen Wolf to Marty Mcfly. With being an avid supporter of the Micheal J. Fox foundation is where he meet Bruce Coulombe at a BTTF event. Rob went to work for Bruce at Coulombe Enterprises  where they specialize in not only creating Delorean Time Machines but all types movie cars.
They are the "Legends for all Occasions" .

Rob has also done events for New Yok Life and Microsoft as well as voiceover work for iHeartMedia, 104.1, and 101 WJRR.
Rob was also  a finalist in an impersonation contest on ABC's LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

Check out Rob's Facebook page here!

Bruce Carr "No Ordinary Balloon Man"
Entertainer:  (Master Balloon Artist)

Bruce Carr aka No Ordinary Balloon Man is a professional award-winning balloon artist currently living in Clermont, FL serving the Central Florida area and beyond. He has had a life long love of all things in the realm of what he calls “nerd swag” and there is nothing that he enjoys more than making people smile. This professional balloon artist has been making balloons since the age of twelve.

Bruce has entertained and built balloon creations for companies such as Disney, Wal-Mart, Kennedy Space Center, Geico, Build-A-Bear, Dunkin Donuts, Belk  and Chick-fil-a. Bruce is also a full time balloon artists for a multitude of restaurants including Chuy's, Joe’s Crab Shack and Texas Road House,through the balloon art companies Twisted Artz and Balloon World Orlando. He is also an entertainer for parties and events throughout Florida and the Eastern United States, including Colossalcon in Ohio, Screw Attack Gaming Convention in Texas, Mobicon in Alabama and many more. Bruce combines balloon art, acting, singing and puppetry to construct beautiful lightweight costumes to delight attendees of any large event. Bruce has even won costume awards at the Florida Supercon, Holiday Matsuri, Omni Expo, Ultracon and Chibi Pa, becoming a fan favorite at many fandom conventions. Bruce’s work has been recognized in social media and made into countless memes featured on such websites as Kotaku, MTVgames and Know Your Meme (Balloon Solid Snake and Balloon Colossal Titan) Equestria Daily (Balloon Party Favor Pony and Balloon Bridge) and Cartoon Network (Balloon Finn and Jake).

As a performer, Bruce has collaborated with other amazing artists for unique balloon performances with Grammy Nominated punk rock band Green Jellÿ and with Pecach Pictures "Pony Meets World"as "Human Discord". Bruce has recently had large balloon projects sponsored by Qualatex, the world's leading balloon art company. Bruce encourages individuals with Asperger Syndrome to pursue their goals and dreams via his panel “Twisting Up the Odds”, performed at The Hartwick Symposium and other conventions. He also supports terminal kids in need with the Children's Miracle Network via The Grand Brony Gala.

You can find examples of his work through his website!

Or Social Media!

Instagram @Noordinaryballoonman87

Twitter @Ball00nManX


Coulombe Enterprises LLC.
Vehicle:  (Movie Themed Vehicles, Robots, Sets and Props)

Coulombe Enterprises is an engineering, product development and prototype Facility focusing on entertainment. We are professionals in providing iconic vehicles, robots and more for that which are typically used in high-end show settings, displays, trade shows, special events, film, TV, theatre, commercials, videos & many other industries focusing on entertainment.

We strive to recreate in exact details, a distinctive category of some of the most sought-after & iconic replica's from the Classic television & Film.

Delorean Time Machines - We build Time machines out of a DeLorean and we do it with "STYLE"!

Our Back to the Future reproduction of the iconic DeLorean Time machine is instantly the most recognizable movie vehicle of all time. Our screen accurate reproduction with its many audio and visual special effects makes each event the most spectacular, mesmerizing, unforgettable, jaw dropping experience of all time.