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Munchkin Tournament!!
Time: Semifinals Saturday Night at 7 pm - Finals will be after 9 pm.
Game: Why, Munchkin of Course!
BGG Link:
Description: Semi-Finals will start Saturday Night at 7 pm. There will be 3 tables for the semi-finals with up to 6 people each. Top 2 people from each table will advance to the finals. The person who wins the finals will receive a free copy of the original Munchkin!
Alpha Quadrant Games List and Schedule:
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  • Anima
  • Ascension
  • Battle Con
  • Betrayal at House on the Hill w/ Widow's Walk Expansion
  • Dead Last
  • Deception: Murder in Hong Kong
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  • Star Trek: 5 Year Mission
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  • Witch Hunt
There will be tables and instructors available for pickup games if you're interested in learning something we have but are not running at the time.
We will also have guests among us in the form of Maids and Hosts from Cafè au Lait.
Come and Join us, we look forward to seeing everyone!
Run Your Own Game or Tournament!
Do you want to run your own game or schedule tournaments for others to play?
  • Please email us to pre-register your own game / tournament. Select Contact on the menu bar and select Table Top Gaming.
  • To run your own game / tournament on site without pre-registering, go to the Table Top room a the convention and request a time and table. First come first serve on open times / tables.

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