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Exhibitors List
Exhibit Hall (Vendor Room):  Merchant List
Exhibit Hall (Vendor Room) Total Merchants: 3
Full Merchant List
Andi s Imagination
Booths: C1
Website: http://
Description: I make print, necklaces , rings, earrings,T-shirts , and pins . I make original and fan art .
Bunnyhero Art
Booths: B2
Website: http://
Description: Art prints, keychains, buttons, stickers, charms.
Booths: A4
Website: http://
Description: I sell fanart and original merchandise for any anime fan or otaku! I sell custom designed shoes, prints, stickers, buttons, commissions, enamel pins and more. I've tabled at Kumoricon and Youmacon.
Creative Image Designs
Booths: C1,  C2
Description: T-shirts and Posters
Gypsys Weavings
Booths: A1
Description: Chainmaile jewelry and accessories
JPUS Enterprises Inc
Booths: B1
Description: japanese snacks and toys lots of Attack On Titan toys
Kaze Illustrations
Booths: C2
Description: Kawaii hand-drawn anime stickers and prints!
Kelly Latham
Booths: C3
Description: Prints, Buttons, Framed Original Paintings and Drawings, Books, Hand Sewn Keychains, Stickers, Mini Comics, Commissions
Lisa Villella
Booths: C7
Description: Original and fan art prints, buttons, and stickers!
Lunar Sapphire Arts
Booths: C8
Description: Artwork ranging from original to fanart. Prints, Posters and bookmarks.
Monochrome Star
Booths: C6
Description: Monochrome Star is my corner of the universe, dedicated to comics with dark, dreamy, and magical themes. I sell original stories and illustrations. Come visit me and bring some magic into your world.
Mystic kitty and Lactose
Booths: B1
Website: http://
Description: Shonen vs Shojo We sell prints,charms,pins,pillows,and stickers on both sides we have something for whatever side you perfer we also take commissions
Peach Calamari
Booths: C10
Description: Peach Calamari makes cute and quirky art, mostly original designs with a splash of fanart. I will be selling prints, postcards, buttons, charms, and other such things!
Pixel and the Wolf
Booths: C4
Description: Pinback Buttons, Prints and Collectible Trading Cards (if applying as a vendor)
Booths: B5
Description: As there are two artists involved we have multiple sites dedicated to our creations. We make fan and original character prints, tags, and charms that we sell exclusively at conventions. We also have an assortment of character pint skirts, We also offer on the spot original art pieces done for con attendees as long as the request falls under a pg-13 rating.
SEGAMew Studio
Booths: A3
Website: http://
Description: SEGAMew is a Florida based artist with a large variety of Undertale, Sonic the Hedgehog, South Park, and Pokemon artwork. Awesome art swag such as prints, buttons, charms, lanyards, pillow plush and pillowcases :) Also offers on the spot inked commissions in chibi and nonchibi styles!
SharkieArt & CMC
Booths: C5
Website: http://
Description: If you're looking to wow your opponents at your next MTG tournament or adorn your walls with beautiful artwork, these sisters have you covered! At Converted Magic Cards (Instagram: @convertedmagiccards), Brandi meticulously illustrates extended card alters for Magic: The Gathering. Whether you choose from her prepared cards or commission an alter of your own card, her one-of-a-kind pieces are sure to set your deck apart from the competition. At SharkieArt (Instagram: @sharkie_art), Cynthia offers lovingly painted fanart, with her pieces often taking their inspiration from classical paintings. Drop by for a vibrant print that will add a touch of class to any room!
simmys Keepsakes
Booths: A2
Description: simmys keepsakes is a shop that makes Fan inspired accessories pins bags books and more. The items are based off of anime scifi gaming and movies
Super camacho bros
Booths: B4
Website: http://
Description: We are three brothers with diferent styles, our focuse is traditional drawing, color pencils And cel painting are some of the items we have to offer.
Booths: C9
Description: We create and sell our own comics, prints, laminated keychains, and stickers.
zealli art
Booths: B3
Description: Prints, stickers, mousepads, buttons, charms
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