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The Pleasure Pixels: Harvest Moon
(Burlesque Show - 18 and Up ONLY Event)
Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready for the Harvest Moon festival?

Pleasure Pixels is proud to present their first ever dating SIM and Burlesque Show!

Join some of your favorite girls from the Harvest Moon series while playing games and attempting to win not only their affection, but also their precious blue feather. Shortly after the blue feather is awarded, the attendees will get to enjoy a very special performance!

Ann, Popori, Leia, Garnet, and others gaurantee to raise the town's spirits at this very special Harvest Festival!

Pleasure Pixels has been Tampa's premiere nerdy burlesque troupe since 2011
Please, leave your cameras at the door and enjoy.
Location: Main Events
Time: Saturday - 10pm
Age: 18 and up ONLY with a valid Drivers License or State ID. No Exceptions!


I left my ID at home but I swear I am of legal age. Can I get in please?
Sorry, no admittance without proper ID and verification of age.

I have a student ID. That's ok, right?
No. We are sorry to say you MUST have a valid Drivers License or State ID.

The show already started and I'm late. Can I still get in?
We are sorry, but once the show starts, the doors will be closed and there will be no entry.

Can we take pictures or video?
Taking pictures or video is not allowed. If you take out your phone / camera for ANY reason, you will be asked to leave.

I have to leave to go do something. Can I re-enter after I leave?
Once the show has started, no one will be allowed to come back in once they leave.

Can I interact with the performers during the show?
No. Not unless they interact with you.

I wanna scream and yell stuff at the performers cuz I wanna show everyone how cool I am!
Whereas the show may encourage reactions from the audience, rudeness to performers or other patrons will not be tolerated.

Can I touch the performers?
Absolutely not in any way without very specific permission. Violation of this may result in not only ejection, but authories being called. We take the safety of our performers very seriously.

Can I offer money to the performers?
Please see the rule above.

I'm going to run on stage cuz I'm awesome!
Again, please see the rule above.

Hey, I got a great idea! I'm going to do something (super cool, awesome, look at me, I'm important, just because, YOLO, insert very dumb reason here) that no one will expect!
ok... Stop it... We can come up with stupid stuff people could do all day. If you have any idea that starts with something like, "Hey, I got a great idea" or "Watch this! It'l be aweseome!", it's probably NOT a great idea or appropriate. Be respectful of the performers and just sit back and enjoy the show without the staff having to stop the entire show because you want to be cool. Please be aware that even though the performers are there to entertain you and put on a show, they are people and not objects. Please treat everyone with the utmost respect. Thank you.
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