sushigami Special Offer!
[ 21 days, 17 hours ago - 03-01-17 07:56 PM ]
Do you like sushi?

Have a craving for something Japanese during the convention and don't know where to go that's close by?

Well we have a solution for you - and you need look no further than right past The Florida Hotel's entrance to The Florida Mall! sushigami is a kaitenzushi restaurant near the food court of The Florida Mall right by the entrance to The Florida Hotel! (And for reference for makeup enthusiasts - they're also located right next to MAC Cosmetics!)

If that isn't enough for you to check them out, then can we entice you with an offer? sushigami has created an offer just for Omni Fandom Expo attendees!

If you have your convention badge or wristband, you will get 10% off your entire order AND Buy One Get One Free on ramune!

Trust us - you'll love it!

[ 30 days, 15 hours ago - 02-20-17 10:11 PM ]
Hey Everyone,

Don't forget that you can earn a ticket reimbursemnet by volunteering!
There are still quite a few different possitions that still have time slots left that are open.
Join us and be a part of the Omni Fandom Expo team!

How to Volunteer: See you at the con!!!
Contest Finalists!
[ 30 days, 15 hours ago - 02-20-17 10:09 PM ]

This is the moment we know many of you have been waiting for- the announcement of finalists to compete on stage for the Star Central Dance Tournament and Omni's Lip Sync Throwdown! These groups have worked hard, but their final test lay ahead with the on-stage performance! Who will win? Find out only at Omni Fandom Expo!

Star Central Dance Tournament - Friday, March 3rd at 4PM in Main Events
  • Ella Crespo and Mariela Salgado
  • Cherry Wallflower
  • Piya, Sumi, and Dee
  • Sanne Methorst and Maya Hannin
  • Melleissa Milges
  • K-NAV - Bambi, Hannah, and May
  • SugarCoatedAnn
  • Fudgie
Omni's Lip Sync Throwdown - Sunday, March 5th at 12PM in Main Events
  • Team Katsudon
  • SugarCoatedAnn
As an added bonus, during Omni's Lip Sync Throwdown our finalists will be going up against the contest hosts - who will come out on top? We'll see you at the Main Events Stage!
Hotel Room Registration Extended!
[ 35 days ago - 02-16-17 12:27 PM ]
Hotel room registration at The Florida Hotel and Conference center has been extended!

In order to accommodate everyone, the new cut off date is now February 22nd! Make sure you get your hotel rooms before the rate goes up!
Room Rate per night:  USD 134.00 *
Reservation Discount Cut Off Date:
February 22, 2017
Room Rate per night AFTER Cut Off date:  USD 184.00 *
Want to split a room with friends?
Here's a quick cost guide for splitting the bill.
  • 2x People per night per room: USD 67.00 per person*
  • 4x People per night per room: USD 33.50 per person*

[ Click here to get your Hotel Room NOW! ]
Pre-Registration Tickets Extended!
[ 39 days, 12 hours ago - 02-12-17 12:35 AM ]
Hey Everyone!

Due to people asking, we've extended pre-registration tickets by one week! 
Make sure you get yours at a discounted price!

Also, don't forget to reserve your hotel room at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center by February 16th before they are all gone!

[ Click here to buy Tickets ]

[ Click here to reserve Hotel Rooms ]
Contests Extended!
[ 45 days, 20 hours ago - 02-05-17 04:34 PM ]
Hey Omni Fans!

Due to fans asking for more time, we decided to extend the contests until 2/11/2017 so people can get their entries uploaded.

Click here for a complete contest list!

Huge Show Update!
[ 46 days, 16 hours ago - 02-04-17 09:02 PM ]
Hey Omni Fans!

We have a huge show update for you!

Since we are getting close to the convention, we wanted to remind everyone about all of the major shows happening at the convention this year. No one likes to miss out on any fun so please take the time to plan out your schedule for the weekend!

Pre-registration Tickets and Hotel Rooms are still available! Make sure you book your Hotel Room before February 16th in order to get the convention discount price!

We can't wait to see everyone there!

The Omni Staff

Omni Fandom Expo Event Shows:

The Crystal Carnevale - Masked Formal Ball
An Assassin's Creed pirate themed masked ballroom formal dance event. (Separately ticketed event, not included with standard entry).

Doctor Who - The Omni Special
An aerials and dance showcase featuring The Doctor and his companions in a thrilling stage adventure show put on by Crazy Random Happenstance.

A retro themed action fight show live on stage presented by Crazy Random Happenstance as characters fight in a tournament to win the coveted "Valor Combat Cup".

The Pleasure Pixels: Harvest Moon Burlesque Show (18+ ONLY)
Come see a Harvest Moon themed interactive dating sim and Burlesque show featuring characters from the hit video game series presented by The Pleasure Pixels. 

Speakeasy Sirens: Alolan Adventures, a Pokemon Burlesque (18+ ONLY)
A Pokemon themed Burlesque show that takes place in the Alola region featured in the Pokemon Sun & Moon games. Gotta See em all! Presented by Speakeasy Sirens. 

Cafe au Lait: Butler & Maid Cafe
Join the Maids and Butlers of Café au Lait as you have a great time relaxing at this mini Cafe, with games and snacks and more!

BLACKOUT RAVE - presented by Shadowfax
Join in an epic dance rave party with killer lights and sounds as you lose yourself to the auditory stylings of DJ Shadowfax.

DJ Shadowfax throws a blast to the past party featuring all of the 80s references and videos your brain can take, complete with amazing lights and sounds that will truly make it seem like you have come back from the future.
OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2017 - The Crystal Carnevale: Legends of the High Seas OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2017 - Doctor Who: The Omni Special OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2017 - Retro Run Down
OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2017 - Cafe au Lait OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2017 - Pleasure Pixels: Harvest Moon OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2017 - OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2017 - Speakeasy Sirens
OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2017 - Blackout Rave OMNI FANDOM EXPO 2017 - Club Omni 80's: Retro Video Dance Party
Show Cancelation
[ 46 days, 23 hours ago - 02-04-17 01:33 PM ]
"Greetings Omni Fandom Expo,

This is the director of Drive: Last Gear. I'm writing to all fans and patrons that expected to see our show. It is with a heavy heart that I must write to all of you. Regrettably, due to overwhelming issues, I will not be able to put forth the stage show that I had intended to do for everyone. I want to thank Omni for the opportunity to attempt directing and performing this year; but it was not to be. In addition, I want to thank everyone who has been supportive of our event and hoped to see our show. I hope that next year brings another opportunity that will allow me to bring a show to Omni Fandom Expo for the entire con to see. I apologize as in I feel I let down many people by this. This is not the end though. Thank you once more and hopefully, in the future, we will be able to produce a product that will be memorable for years.

May Mays Maid Cafe unable to attend
[ 48 days ago - 02-03-17 12:37 PM ]
Due to circumstances beyond their control, May May's Maid Cafe  will not be joining us this year. We wish them the best, hope they will be ok, that everything works out for them, and they will be able to come back in folowing years. 

Of course, Cafè au Lait will still be around to fulflil all your cafe needs.
Our schedule will be updated shortly so stay tuned!

The Omni Staff
Panel Room Update!
[ 55 days, 17 hours ago - 01-26-17 07:16 PM ]
Hey Everyone!

We've had lots of questions about the panel rooms and if we are adding more of them.
We have two Panel rooms this year. Panel Room 2 is currently available for reserving panels.

Panel Room 1 is in the works, but we have to wait a bit to put it online. We first have to schedule panels from our Celebrity guests so we don't run out of time. After that, we will open it up to the public. This should happen fairly soon...we hope...

Also, Panel Room 1 is quite a bit bigger than Panel Room 2 and will have a projector with a screen and microphones. Of course, if you want to have any video/audio, you will still have to bring your own device for that. We will ONLY have an HDMI cable available for video. So, check to make sure you have your own adapter if you need one.

For now, keep putting in your panels / events and we will get to approving them as quickly as possible.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Thank you!
Cafè au Lait: Butler & Maid Cafe
[ 57 days, 20 hours ago - 01-24-17 04:46 PM ]
OMNI FANDOM EXPO welcomes Cafè au Lait!

Welcome to Cafè au Lait, where our maids & butlers serve and entertain you! 

Cafè au Lait is a group that caters to our community by hosting events that make you feel right at home. With our professional yet friendly approach, we strive to keep a personal authentic connection with all of our guest. Our goal is to make you feel special and apart of our community. 

We love to try new things so you will see us hosting all sorts of events but we mainly try to give you the best Maid Cafe experience. So come and enjoy the games you wish you had at home, the snacks you would eat everyday and join us in a dance to show us your moves with Cafè au Lait!

[ Click here for more information ]

New Guest: Bruce Carr - No Ordinary Ballon Man!
[ 64 days, 4 hours ago - 01-18-17 08:24 AM ]
Omni Fandom Expo welcomes back cosplay guest Bruce Carr for Year 4!

Bruce Carr aka No Ordinary Balloon Man is a professional award-winning balloon artist currently living in Clermont, FL serving the Central Florida area and beyond. He has had a life long love of all things in the realm of what he calls “nerd swag” and there is nothing that he enjoys more than making people smile. 

This professional balloon artist has been making balloons since the age of twelve. Bruce has entertained and built balloon creations for companies such as Disney, Kennedy Space Center, Geico, Build-A-Bear, Dunkin Donuts, Belk and Chick-fil-a. Bruce is also a full time balloon artists for a multitude of restaurants including Chuy's, Joe’s Crab Shack and Giordano’s through the balloon art companies Twisted Artz and Balloon World Orlando . He is also an entertainer for parties and events throughout Florida and the Eastern United States. 

Bruce combines balloon art, acting, singing and puppetry to construct beautiful lightweight costumes to delight attendees of any large event. Bruce has even won costume awards at the Florida Supercon, Holiday Matsuri, Omni Expo, Ultracon and Chibi Pa, becoming a fan favorite at many fandom conventions. Bruce’s work has been recognized in social media and made into countless memes featured on such websites as Kotaku (Balloon Solid Snake and Balloon Colossal Titan), Equestria Daily (Balloon Party Favor Pony and Balloon Bridge), and Cartoon Network (Balloon Finn and Jake).

Bruce has recently had large balloon projects sponsored by Qualatex, the world's leading balloon art company. Bruce encourages individuals with Asperger Syndrome to pursue their goals and dreams via his panel “Twisting Up the Odds”, performed at The Hartwick Symposium and other conventions. He also supports terminal kids in need with the Children's Miracle Network via The Grand Brony Gala.

New Guest: Rob Sims
[ 67 days, 11 hours ago - 01-15-17 01:33 AM ]
Omni Fandom Expo welcomes back cosplay guest Rob Sims for Year 4!

Rob Sims is a Orlando based actor who has has been in the entertainment business for over 25 years. His specialty is voice impersonations his favorite is doing Marty Mcfly. As a young actor Rob has always look onto Micheal J Fox as his inspiration from Alex P. KeatonTeen Wolf to Marty Mcfly. With being an avid supporter of the Micheal J. Fox foundation is where he meet Bruce Coulombe at a BTTF event. Rob went to work for Bruce atCoulombe Enterprises  where they specialize in not only creating Delorean Time Machines but all types movie cars.
They are the "Legends for all Occasions" .

Rob has also done events for New Yok Life and Microsoft as well as voiceover work for iHeartMedia104.1, and 101 WJRR.
Rob was also  a finalist in an impersonation contest on ABC's LIVE with Kelly and Michael.

Check out Rob's Facebook page here!

New Guest: Masumi Senpai
[ 68 days, 22 hours ago - 01-13-17 02:42 PM ]
Omni Fandom Expo welcomes cosplay guest Masumi Senpai for Year 4!

Masumi Senpai is a hardcore cosplayer, lolita, and grad student based out of Orlando. She has been cosplaying since before the turn of the millennium and sewing since her early teen years. Her current focus is on becoming a better costumer and loves the smallest of details when it comes to her costuming. Because of this love for detail it has led her to devote much time to learning everything possible such as molding, beading, armor, wig styling and dying, the use of multiple types of fabrics, props, air brush makeup effects and body paint, and creating patterns. Masumi Senpai does a wide range of panels from cosplay, to dealing with invisible illnesses, lolita, and LGBTQ panels.

Masumi Senpai's appearance is sponsored by Caliquo Industries, LLC.

The Exhibit Hall (Vendors Area) is open for applications!
[ 70 days, 2 hours ago - 01-12-17 10:23 AM ]

The 2017 Exhibit Hall (Vendors Area) is now OPEN for applications from all Merchants!

Anyone looking to purchase booths or tables are required to sign up for a Merchant Account on the OMNI FANDOM EXPO website if they do not already have one. After that, merchants MUST select and pay for their booth on the OMNI FANDOM EXPO website. No mail / email / Facebook requests will be allowed.

OMNI FANDOM EXPO will be approving Exhibit Hall applications on a case by case basis as they are submitted in order to ensure quality and diversity to attendees. Once a merchant/artist has been approved, they will then be notified and able to select their own booth space through the OMNI FANDOM EXPO merchant system on Please note, however, that any Studio OMNI tables that are not paid for within 7 days of reservation will be released back to the public! Make sure you secure your place early!

Click here to see the Merchant system!

For any questions regarding the Exhibit Hall, contact OMNI FANDOM EXPO Staff directly through the “Contact Us” section of the OMNI FANDOM EXPO website.

Studio OMNI (Artist Alley) is open for applications!
[ 76 days, 15 hours ago - 01-05-17 09:29 PM ]

The 2017 Studio OMNI (Artist Alley) is now OPEN for applications from all artists, podcasters, conventions, and fan groups!

Anyone looking to purchase booths or tables are required to sign up for a Merchant Account on the OMNI FANDOM EXPO website if they do not already have one. After that, merchants MUST select and pay for their booth on the OMNI FANDOM EXPO website. No mail / email / Facebook requests will be allowed.

For those curious what Studio OMNI is, it is the Artist section at OMNI FANDOM EXPO which is otherwise known as “Artist Alley” in most venues. This area is a showcase where one can expect to find original creation and “art form” style items and merchandise. Merchandise here is hand made and designed by each artist from original concept fan art to jewelry creations that feel like miniature works of art. Comic artists are also highly encouraged!

OMNI FANDOM EXPO will be approving Studio OMNI applications on a case by case basis as they are submitted in order to ensure quality and diversity to attendees. Once a merchant/artist has been approved, they will then be notified and able to select their own booth space through the OMNI FANDOM EXPO merchant system on Please note, however, that any Studio OMNI tables that are not paid for within 7 days of reservation will be released back to the public! Make sure you secure your place early!

Click here to see the Merchant system!

For any questions regarding the Studio OMNI, contact OMNI FANDOM EXPO Staff directly through the “Contact Us” section of the OMNI FANDOM EXPO website.

For those interested, the EXHIBIT HALL will have information up very soon!

[ 87 days, 11 hours ago - 12-26-16 01:54 AM ]

We hope everyone has had a great holiday so far! 

In light of this wonderful season, we would like to give everyone a Special Offer for guests staying at The Florida Hotel and Conference Center:

Get a FREE weekend pass!
  • Get one free weekend pass for each minimum two night stay.
  • Limit one per room while supplies last.
  • Each valid weekend pass from a hotel stay will be entered in to a drawing for a VIP upgrade plus one free VIP ticket.
How to get tickets / enter:
Step 1: Register at The Florida Hotel and Conference Center (ONLY) for a minimum of a two night stay during Omni Fandom Expo 2017.
Step 2: Bring the following to the convention registration desk at Omni Fandom Expo 2017 to validate and pick up your free weekend pass.
  • Your confirmation from The Florida Hotel and Conference Center.
  • Valid reciept of your reserved room(s) from The Florida Hotel and Conference Center front desk of your reservation during the weekend of the convention.
  • Valid picture ID of you that matches the name on the confirmation and receipt.
We hope to see an incredible amount of fans out this year.

Please remember, the more you support us, the more we are able to grow and do more things for everyone!

Thank you everyone for helping make Omni Fandom Expo Year 4 happen!
[ 89 days, 9 hours ago - 12-24-16 03:17 AM ]

Are you a fan of dubsmash? Do you watch "Lip Sync Battle" on Spike TV?
Are your lip sync skills more awesome than Clark Gregg or Hayley Atwell?
Do you want to look completley EPIC in front of tons of fans?...
If so, then Omni Fandom Expo has the contest for you!

Omni's Lip Sync Throwdown is the NEWEST CONTEST at Omni Fandom Expo 2017 and we invite EVERYONE to try out for it!
How do you do that? Simple, just click here and folow the instructions. Instant fame may await you!

By the way, here's the link for Clark Gregg and Hayley Atwell's showdown on "Lip Sync Battle". It's just too good to not share!
Contests Online!
[ 90 days, 19 hours ago - 12-22-16 05:37 PM ]
Omni fans!

Website updates are happening daily, including contest updates! The AMV, Short Film, and Suicide Karaoke contests are open for online submissions, while the Masquerade Costume Contest has been updated for 2017!

Keep an eye out for more updates as we continue to work hard on new and amazing events for all of you!

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2017 #costumecontest#cosplay #amv #contest #karaoke #competition
Be a Performer in Team Cloud Drive's latest show - Drive: Last Gear!
[ 92 days, 18 hours ago - 12-20-16 06:35 PM ]
Greetings Attendees of Omni Fandom Expo! 

With the convention vastly approaching, I want to draw everyone’s attention to a show that’s coming to you during the convention weekend called "Drive: Last Gear". My name is Ryan “Rin”, and I am the Director of the show. For the past several years, I’ve been a finalist contestant in Omni Expo's Director’s Showcase. Now, I’ll be bringing my newest production to the main stage but I need YOUR help to do it! I am looking for individuals to volunteer and partake in my newest project so that we can showcase it to all the awesome fans attending Omni Fandom Expo this year! 

So, how do you get involved? No experience is necessary and stage training will be provided. If you are someone who has wanted to be on stage to perform in front of a fan audience and also your friends, please contact me either via email at or on Facebook under Ryan Heartfilia for details regarding roles available.

Positions are going fast so don't wait! We would love to have you be a part of this amazing experience!

Thank you!

Ryan "Rin" Heartfilia
Director - Drive: Last Gear
Team Cloud Drive
First Appearance in Florida - Chris Rager and Josh Martin!
[ 95 days, 1 hour ago - 12-18-16 11:50 AM ]
Omni fans, rejoice! The Champ is here!

Are you prepared for a Rare Fan Experience from Mr. Satan and Majin Buu?

Chris Rager and Josh Martin - Anime's Odd Couple! Together for the first time in Florida!

Buy your tickets now to save over at the door prices! New location- The Florida Hotel & Conference Center!

Considered one of the most random pairings ever in the anime world, Mr. Satan and Majin Buu not only united as warriors in battle, but also became roommates. Ah, Dragonball Z! The pending release of Dragonball Z Super signals the reunion of this unlikely duo. So, what better way to help celebrate this event than have both voice actors meet the fans that have helped make their 15+ years careers as those beloved characters possible- Chris Rager and Josh Martin.*

In addition to being available for meet & greets, photos and autographs with all attendees, join them for THREE panels. 
In panels 1 and 2, Chris Rager and Josh Martin will tell their story about getting into the business, give some great advice for aspiring voice actors and everyone else alike, and answer questions. BOTH actors host the third panel together. They'll talk more about their real-life friendship, take questions, and finally read a scene from a popular film; Forrest Gump, etc.

*They too were also roommates!! True story.

For more information on Chris and Josh's bios, click below!
Chris Rager
Josh Martin

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2017 #voiceactors #celebrityguests #orlando
#DragonballZ #DragonballSuper #Funimation #dbz #hercule #majinbuu #mrsatan #dragonball

New Guest: Lisle Wilkerson!
[ 97 days, 3 hours ago - 12-16-16 10:00 AM ]
Omni fans! We would like to welcome the lovely and talented voice actress Lisle Wilkerson to our 2017 guest lineup! As both the actress behind Nina Williams and more from Virtual Fighter as well as Batz Maru from Hello Kitty, AND a Japanese-English translator, Lisle brings a whole new experience of panels to Omni Fandom Expo!

Buy your tickets now to save over at the door prices! New location- The Florida Hotel & Conference Center!

Lisle Wilkerson grew up in Tokyo, Japan. She speaks fluent Japanese, and does voice work is done in both English & Japanese. She is the powerhouse behind some of the gaming industry's most popular female fighting characters, such as Nina Williams and Christie Monteiro, Sarah Bryant from Virtual Fighter, as well as Shenmue II. She also has a popular podcast called “The (Mis)Adventures of the Blonde Geisha” that she recently started. 

Last summer Lisle was very involved in the Shenmue kickstarter that was announced at E3, which ended up breaking quite many records, including a Guiness World Record! Most recently Lisle did dubbing for an upcoming ULTRAMAN film, as well as an animated film, “Eden”. 

Lisle acted alongside Bill Murray in the Academy Award winning Sofia Coppola film "Lost In Translation", and had a lead role in the award winning indie film "Kamataki". She not only does video game voices, she also does the voice of Batz Maru (of Hello Kitty) and commercials for such internationally renown companies as Nissan, Panasonic, Sony, etc. She currently lives in Los Angeles, where she continues to do voice work, and also works as an interpreter, working with many of the big film studios, red carpet events, as well as working with the Japanese govt and tourism board. Lisle has interpreted for everyone from Keanu Reeves to best-selling author Marie Kondo to various J-pop stars and Japanese and US celebrities. She is also a local media correspondent for Japan, covering high-profile events like The Grammys, Academy Awards, Emmys and Golden Globes. Lisle is also the assistant producer of the upcoming film, "Black Hat”. Most of Lisle’s panels are focused on Japanese culture, as well as about the VA world and working in Japan. (and yes, OF COURSE that includes many Engrish stories!!) Lisle is also excited about the 2020 Olympics being hosted in her home city, Tokyo, and has recently started doing some work related to that. And when Lisle isn't busy working or running around the country doing cons, you might find her in her pink boxing gloves trying to save the world Nina Williams-style or spending her time at home with her adorable jet-setting "bilingual" cat, Princess Genki.

#OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2017 #voiceactors #celebrityguests#orlando #videogames #VirtualFighter #HelloKitty

Change of Venue! The Florida Hotel and Conference Center!
[ 104 days, 22 hours ago - 12-08-16 02:56 PM ]
We have moved locations!

Omni Fandom Expo will now take place on the same weekend (March 3-5) but now at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center located at the Florida Mall in Orlando. We have many things planned, including some new evening events, so we look forward to seeing all of you! For those whom have already pre-registered tickets, we are looking to add new perks specifically for you as our thanks for your support!

Hotel reservations can be made now by calling the front desk and asking for the Omni Fandom Expo 2017 group rate. Online reservations will be available shortly as soon as we have the link from them. :) Parking is still free!

More information coming soon!
For full information on the details of the move, please see the HUGE UPDATE article!
[ 104 days, 22 hours ago - 12-08-16 02:30 PM ]
Greetings Omni fans!
Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Samantha and I am one of the co-owners of the convention! On behalf of my staff and the convention, I do apologize for the great delay of information and specific sign-ups to be set up and available. We unfortunately have spent the last couple of months in an exhaustive battle that we want to take the time to explain to everyone. We are finally able to explain what the delay has been and we hope everyone will understand and support us.
Back in October, we were doing our best to get things finalized and ready to go. We almost had everything ready until we hit a snag with being unable to contact our hotel's convention service manager. For those unaware, every event has a single point of contact through which we are able to get information and approvals for the hotel. A convention center usually has several people called "CSM" (convention service manager) whom handle all the events scheduled for that location. We, unfortunately, could not seem to get into contact with ours. For several weeks, neither email nor phone was working. Being stalled and not able to move on to what we needed to do for the convention, we moved on to contact our next person up the chain whom could get a hold of the hotel directly to get us some answers.
To our incredible dismay, we were informed that the International Palms Resort no longer HAD a convention services staff. They had all been let go and no one had bothered to inform us. Why, you may ask? The International Palms Resort had been sold to a new company whom was planning a full renovation requiring a 10 month shut down of the property.  We found out through a news article, which we are happy to share with everyone, rather than being informed directly.
Unfortunately, this level of unprofessional communication would continue for us for the next month as we tried to find out when this renovation would start and if we would even have the location for Omni Fandom Expo 2017. It took quite a while before we were finally given an answer of "no" and that we would not be able to have the convention. This, however, did not mean that would we could easily relocate. While a search was done immediately to find a new home for us on the same weekend, our contract was not being released from the International Palms. This meant that we were unable to sign a contract with a new hotel for a new location without facing the consequences of a contract breach (even though the Palms would not even be open for us at the time). This would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars for absolutely nothing.
It was yet another month thereabouts of back and forth communication before we finally were given, in writing, a release from our contract and could sign elsewhere.
During all of this time, we had made the decision to neither continue to advertise tickets nor offer pre-sales with a mock layout for vendors/artists, as we did not feel that in any way it was honest or ethical to continue to accept money for an event that, at the time, we were not even sure was going to happen. While this has financially hurt us, we felt it to be the morally and ethically best option for all (fans, vendors, and artists) as we did not in good conscience feel it to be worthwhile to accept monies with no guarantee of product and then need to refund if necessary.
Rest assured, I have worked long and hard with my staff to continue Omni Fandom Expo 2017 for all of you. We only hope that you will continue to support us through this incredibly difficult time. Between this roadblock with the hotel and a death in the family, we have pushed through to make everything happen to the best of our ability.
Omni Fandom Expo will now take place on the same weekend (March 3-5) but now at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center located at the Florida Mall in Orlando. We have many things planned, including some new evening events, so we look forward to seeing all of you! For those whom have already pre-registered tickets, we are looking to add new perks specifically for you as our thanks for your support!
Hotel reservations can be made now by calling the front desk and asking for the Omni Fandom Expo 2017 group rate. Online reservations will be available shortly as soon as we have the link from them. :) Parking is still free!
Now that we can move forward, we plan to have Press, Vendors, and Artists available by next week as we are now working quick to finalize a new layout. We should also have some new special guests to share with you soon as well. Please continue to have patience with us and expect announcements to come quickly!
With an incredibly short time to prepare for the convention, we are asking all of our fans to buy tickets, get your hotel rooms, and sign up for panels and events as quickly as possible. We have continued to do our absolute best for fans and we hope you will do the same for us so we can continue to grow and provide the best convention possible for everyone!
Thank you for your continued support!
Samantha, co-founder and co-owner Omni Fandom Expo
Find Us on the ConCon App!
[ 161 days, 4 hours ago - 10-13-16 10:00 AM ]
Did you guys know you can save the date for Omni Fandom Expo, and many more events, on your Android or iOS device? If you use the Concon app, you can search for events all around North America, with more being added! Don't see an event you love? Just write Concon and they'll contact the convention staff directly to get all the necessary information to include their event on the app!

Speaking of information, we've got another announcement coming up! Stay tuned!

#conconapp #OmniFandomExpo #OmniFandomExpo2017 #android #ios #mobileapp
New Guest: Brian Muir!
[ 163 days, 4 hours ago - 10-11-16 10:00 AM ]
Legendary film industry sculptor and artist Brian Muir will be appearing at Omni Fandom Expo 2017! Brian's amazing work can be seen in Star Wars, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain America, The Dark Crystal, The Princess Bride, James Bond, Indiana Jones, and many more films!

Buy your tickets now to save over at the door prices!

Brian Ian Muir, one of the most respected sculptors and artists in the film industry, has been working in film for over 48 years. In 1968, at the age of 16, he began his 4-year apprenticeship as a sculptor/modeller at Elstree Film Studios.

After completing his apprenticeship, Brian left the film industry. He honed his skills by working on many prestigious commissions in London i.e. Royal Coat of Arms for the Crown Court, plaque for Stock Exchange (unveiled by the Queen).

In 1976 Brian was asked to return to Elstree Studios to work on Star Wars and sculpted the now infamous Darth Vader. He also sculpted the Storm Trooper armour, Death Star Droid, CZ 3 and finishing work on C3PO.

During his extensive 48 year career in the film industry Brian has worked on over 70 major movies listed on his website with a election of impressive photographs.

When Brian came to realise there was a real interest in Star Wars and many of the other major movies he had worked on over the years, he wrote his autobiography 'In the Shadow of Vader' which has been well received and is currently on its 3rd print. He recently published the second and final part of his autobiography ‘ Beyond the Shadow’ which is also proving to be a fan favourite.

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Paul St Peter returns for 2017!
[ 200 days, 2 hours ago - 09-04-16 12:10 PM ]
We've got a couple pieces of news for everyone! To begin, if you hadn't seen our new flyers yet, you've missed out on our first guest announcement for Year 4!

Paul St. Peter is returning to Omni Fandom Expo 2017 for more fun with everyone! Take another chance at learning to be a voice actor with him in his workshops, or learn about pirate lore in his panel Pyrate Curses! Paul is best known for his roles as Xemnas (Kingdom Hearts), Nine-Tailed Fox (Naruto), Wormmon (Digimon), Yammy (Bleach), and many more!

Year 4 of Omni Fandom Expo will also see the events Crystal Carnevale and Suicide Karaoke return! More news and announcements to come, so stay tuned!

Tickets and hotel reservations are available now at! Don't miss out on getting your weekend pass for $30!

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Upcoming Announcements!
[ 239 days, 18 hours ago - 07-26-16 07:35 PM ]

Ssshhhh! I've got a secret that I'm so excited about but the Staff won't let me share it with you guys just yet!

Oh! Oh! I know! :D

How about if you're in Orlando you find our resident cosplayer Sionna Rei at the Epic Cosplay Wigs booth at AFO this weekend! I think she wants to be the first to let everyone know, and then after AFO I'll get to talk about it with everyone here! I can't wait for 2017!

[ 248 days, 17 hours ago - 07-17-16 08:41 PM ]

Eeeee! Hi OMNI fans~~!

I know I was supposed to give you this news earlier today, but I wanted to make it shiny and awesome, too! I'm so excited to share the news from the OMNI EXPO Staff with you that we'll be back for our FOURTH year in Orlando March 3-5, 2017!

Keep an eye on our site and here on social media for all the updates! I can't say much more yet, but I promise I have more announcements soon!

I can't wait to see you all again next year!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 :D


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